What is ETH-MEN all about?

ETH-MEN are a variety of collectibles. However our primary goal is to deliver digital action figures and comics on the ethereum blockchain, running 100% on IPFS! These take you back to the nostalgic moments you experienced playing or gathering action figures and reading comics

Is there a setbonus?

Most figures are part of a set. This means that if you collect all figures of that set before a certain time, you will get the free setbonus as a reward. If an account completes multiple sets of the same series, they will receive multiple set bonuses. Some figures are special edition or collaborations. They will always have another incentive.

How do I get the 3D figure?

You can unpack the figure by loging in on our website with metamask. Unpacking the figure initiates a 'burning' of the original front-card package, figure, and accessories. Followed by a minting of a new replacement NFT. A 3D model (GLB-file) of the unpacked ETH-MEN figure along with it’s card-back cutout.

What are ETH-MEN Avatars?

What better way to showcase your ETH-MEN allegiance than avatars! Ultra-rare, stylishly illustrated character icons. Ideal for use on Twitter, Discord, OpenSea, Rarible, all over the universe! And most important: every avatar is completely unique, so you will be the only one owing that specific piece. ETH-MEN avatars are auctioned. Only 12 unique individual avatars are created per ETH-MEN figure!

Why is the amount of certain figures and comics decreasing?

This is because some people are unpacking their mint action figures or comic, causing the total number of mint condition NFTs to reduce. You see, when you unpack something you will burn the initial packaging, and you actually mint a new token on that moment!

Whats the difference between the different comics?

Our comics come in 4 different editions. The sketch edition is the rarest edition of all, with a total of only 65 copies in existence. Amazing to see how the artist's raw sketches set the stage for the extraordinary storyline. A total of 90 copies are released in Black and White, showcasing all original illustrations without any color. These are pretty special!

A total of 125 copies are released with a special “First Edition” stamp on the cover. Unlike the standard edition, these are in fact rare, valuable and desirable. Perhaps best to keep these sealed and unpack/read a Standard Edition copy!

A total of 250 copies are released for everyday reading. The packaging and cover show a bit of wear and tear.

What is the migration function on the website?

Initially each ETH-MEN figure was purchased as a ‘front-card’ which consisted of the character figure and accessories. The informational ‘card-back’ would later be sent to the owner of the front-card. Though effective, after a few figure releases a more elegant approach was discovered and implemented, ushering in ETH-MEN 2.0. All future releases now include front cards and card-backs merged into a single NFT. You can choose to merge to the new contract, or keep them on the old contract.